“A clear vision, backed by a definite plan, gives a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power”
APRIL, 2018
    1. Distribution of Students' Diary and Teachers' Diary
2. Ditribution of split up syllabus- Class wise/ subject wise
3. Distribution of Time Table, CCA and Sports Schedule
4. Notification of various committees
5. Fee collection for I Quarter through UBI Portal
6. Planning of M & R works of Building and Furniture 
7. Exchange of Books- Handing over textbooks/workbooks/support materials collected from the respective class teachers  to the class teachers of the junior classes
    1. Implementation of  Back to Basics programme
2. Result analysis 
3. Class wise/ Student wise SWOT analysis and Target Fixation
4. Parent advocacy programme on latest changes in assement pattern and Adolescence Education Programme
5. Identification of slow learners and preparation of Class wise/ Subject wise remedial/Incentive action plans in line with  Back to Basics programme
6. Awarding Home work/ assignments/ projects for vacation
7. Uploading of Home assignments in Vidyalaya website
8. Parents' meeting- Class I
9. VAC meeting
CCA 1st to 10th  1. Preparation of CCA schedule
2. Conduct of Annual Day (Before April 10th if being conducted in April 2018) 
3. Social Science/ Science exhibition
2nd Green Day
5th National Maritime Day
7th World Health Day
SPORTS 1st to 10th  1. Cluster level sports activities
2. Regional level sports
S/G/C/B 1st to 10th  1. Group registration of Scouts/Guides/Cubs/Bulbuls(KV level)
2. Unit formation & allotment of duties
3. Enrolment of students for 2018-19
CMP Ist week Vidyalaya level CMP activities to get started
"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now"
    JUNE, 2018
Last Week Verification of students data in UBI Portal
ACADEMICS 1st to 10th  1. Readiness programme for class I & VI to be completed
2. Subject enrichment activities to begin
3. Evaluation of Holiday homework & assigning grades
4. CMP meeting at Vidyalaya level
  1. Preparation of Class magazine to be started
CCA 1st & 2nd week Conduct of Annual Day if not conducted in April
1. House formation & Club formation to be completed 
2. House meeting & Club meeting to elect Office bearers
3. Formation of Student Council
4. Notification & collection of articles for Vidyalaya Patrika
3rd week 1. Student Council- Investiture Ceremony
2. Issue of Identity cards & badges
3. Planning for Haritha & Swatchtha Vidyalaya Activities 
5th June World Environment Day
8th June World Oceans Day
12th June Anti Childlabour Day
14th June World Blood Donor Day
SPORTS 1st week 1. SBSB activities to continue
  2. Preparation for National Sports Meet
CMP Last week Cluster level CMP
    "For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today"
    JULY, 2018
ADMIN 1st -3rd week Fee collection for 2nd quarter
ACADEMICS 1st to 2nd week Subject enrichment activities to continue
CCA 1st week Vidyalaya level Social Science Exhibition
4th week Cluster level Social Science Exhibition to be completed
July 1st Vanamahotsava
July 11th World Population Day
July 28th  World Nature Conservation Day/ World Hepatitis Day
July 31st   Munshi Premchand's Birth anniversary
SPORTS   1. SBSB activities to continue
2.  National Level Sports Meet
S/G/C/B 31st July Annual registration(subscription)- Vidyalaya Level
"Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success"
    AUGUST,  2018
ADMIN 1st to 2nd week 2. Health Checkup (first round)
6th to 13th August 1. Periodic Test 1 
2. Remedial classes  to begin
3. Subject enrichment activities to continue
4th week Class wise PTA meeting
CCA 16th to 31st  Social Science Exhibition (Regional Level)
August 6h  Hiroshima Day
August 9th Quit India Day
August 15th Independence Day
August 20th Sadbhavana Diwas
SPORTS   SBSB activities to continue
S/G/C/B By 20th August Group Registration to be completed
"Success doesn't just happen. It is planned for."
    SEPTEMBER, 2018
ADMIN Last week Verification of students data in UBI Portal
ACADEMICS Last week Demonstration by Fire & Rescue Dept.
2. Remedial classes  to continue
3. Subject enrichment activities to continue
4. Completion of syllabus and revision for Half Yearly
VMC Meeting
CCA September 5th Teacher's Day
September 8th World Literacy Day
September 9th World First Aid Day
September 27th World Tourism Day
September 28th World Ozone Day
September 14th-28th  Hindi Pakhwada(All Vidyalayas to ensure observation)
September 28th Junior Mathematic Olympiad
CMP Last week Cluster level CMP
    "Proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance"
    OCTOBER, 2018
ADMIN 1st -3rd week Fee collection for 3rd quarter
2. Study tour to get started
ACADEMICS 4th week  Half Yearly Examination 
CCA 1st October International Day of the aged
2nd October Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration
International Day of Non violence
4th October  Animal Welfare Day
16th October World Food Day
2nd week Grandparent's Day
4th Week  2. Vigilance awareness week & Energy conservation week
SPORTS   1. SBSB activities to continue
S/G/C/B   All faith prayer & Swatch Vidyalaya Programme week in connection with Gandhi Jayanti
CMP Last week Mini Sports Meet
AUTUMN BREAK- 13th OCTOBER 2018 - 22nd OCTOBER 2018
"Planning for success will make you even more creative"
ACADEMICS 16th November  Subject enrichment activities to continue
CCA 7th November National Education Day
14th November Children's Day/ World Diabetes Day
14th-21st  National Library Week
19th-26th National Integration week/ Communal Harmony week
26th November Constitution Day
SPORTS   1. SBSB activities to continue
CMP   Baldiwas to be completed
"Today's preparation means tomorrow's achievement
ADMIN 1st week VMC Meeting
Verification of students data in UBI Portal
ACADEMICS By December 19th  PTA meeting
CCA 1st December World AIDS day
3rd December International day of persons with disabilities
9th December International anti corruption day
10th December Human Rights Day
14th December National Energy Conservation Day
15th December KVS Foundation Day
22nd December National Mathematics Day
SPORTS   1. Annual Sports Meet
2.  Preparation for cluster and Regional level sports
S/G/C/B 2nd week 1. Hiking and trekking- Vidyalaya level
2. Cubs & Bulbuls Utsav- Cluster level
3. Annual three days camp
WINTER BREAK- 23rd 2018 to 1st JANUARY 2019
" A goal without a plan is just a wish"
ADMIN 1st -3rd week Fee collection for last quarter
ACADEMICS 2nd week Periodic Test II 
  1. PTA Meeting
2. VAC meeting
CCA 10th January Vishwa Hindi Diwas
12th January National Youth Day
26th January Republic Day
30th January Martyrs' Day
1st week Health Check up (second round)
SPORTS   Cluster and Regional Sports Meet
S/G/C/B   National Youth Day Celebration
CMP   Cluster level CMP
"Plan your work and work your plan"
ADMIN 1st week VMC Meeting
ACADEMICS By February 15th 1. Completion of syllabus/ Revision work for Session ending Examination
2. Subject enrichment activities to conclude
CCA   Co curricular activities to conclude
February 21st  Mathrubhasha Diwas
  Exhibition of TLM, Art & Craft, Drawing & Painting
February 28th  National Science Day
S/G/C/B 22nd December Thinking day celebrations
By 25th  
"Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort."
MARCH, 2019
ADMIN By 31st Stock verification to be completed
Printing of Student & Teachers' Diary for the next session
Prepation of working committee for 2019-20
Planning for next session
Distribution of time table to teachers
Admission to Class I
Preparation of Panel of contractual teachers
ACADEMICS 1st-3rd week Session ending examination for all classes
Declaration of Result
Result analysis to be sent ot Regional Office
The three Ps of Success: Passion, Planning and Perservance